toolkit blog

Construction workers wouldn’t go to a building site without bringing the right tools. Chefs wouldn’t start cooking before they have all the ingredients. It’s that same concept for your job search. Before you even start your job search, create a toolkit with the right items needed to hit the ground running.


In addition to your resume and cover letter, here are some other basic tools you will want to have in place:

  • Business Card: Your business card is your first introduction of you as a professional. Hand them out to EVERYONE you meet.
  • Phone Number: Use a phone number where you are the only one checking messages.
  • Email Address: Create an email address that sounds professional. If possible, set up a special email address with your name.
  • LinkedIn Page: Make sure your profile replicates the information on your resume and that you have a professional picture.
  • Elevator Pitch: It is critical to be able to explain what you’re looking for in a few succinct sentences. Therefore, prepare a clear, easily understood statement about who you are, the job you are looking for and what your competitive edge is.


Other tools may include a BLOG, Twitter account, website or portfolio page. Utilizing multiple tools to market/brand yourself will help you portray a consistent, professional, sophisticated impression to your targeted audience.